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Does JAXX offer a military/law enforcement discount?

We do offer a military and law enforcement discount good for anything in stock and available on our website. We just need you to send us an email to for verification, upon verification of LE/Military status we will then email you back the discount code which can be used during online checkout.


What is the status of my order?

Variances in delivery or acceptance of supplies, makes it impossible to provide accurate lead-times.  A single delay or quality rejection affects literally hundreds of orders in the production schedule.  We cannot respond to every requests for status. We simply provide a general time frame at the time of order.

How do I place an order for a custom build that I've seen on your site but is not present in the shop?

Give us a call at 702-485-4722!

Can I order a rifle in a custom color?

We do offer custom cerakote, stippling and engraving services through Valkyrie Combat ( If you have a custom finish in mind or you would like some custom engraved selector icons please give us a call at 702-485-4722 for a quote!

Can I send you my parts and have you build my rifle?

Yes! We do offer custom build services, please call us at 702-485-4722 for an estimate.

Can I use steel cased ammo?

While our firearms will function just fine with steel cased ammo, it is our recommendation that only brass cased ammo be used due to the added wear associated with the usage of steel cased ammo . It is really up to the individual shooter's preference. 


 Barrel length and NFA regulations are quite simple. A short barreled rifle is a shoulder fired rifle with a barrel length under 16” and an overall length under 26”. Those of us Citizens in free states are eligible to purchase these rifles as individuals by passing a background check with the FBI, having your CLEO sign that he has no reason to think that you will use the weapon in a criminal manner, and by paying a one-time $200 tax to the ATF. In most cases, your dealer will handle this process for you. You only need to choose an FFL dealer in your state of residence who is licenced to handle NFA weapons. Remember that a 14.5” barrel with a pinned and welded muzzle device which creates an overall length over 16” is not an NFA regulated firearm. You can order the rifle through your dealer. Our staff can assist you with finding a dealer in your area.

What is 300BLK?

The 300 BLK cartridge has its more common roots as a rather obscure wildcat cartridge, the 300 Whisper. But as a wildcat round, it suffered the fate of similar rounds that weren’t put into the mass market. Manufacturers who initially locked into contracts still make it, but those contracts are ending, relegating it to relative obscurity.


It took Advanced Armament Corporation to change this, along with a request from the military. Altering the design making it a mainstream cartridge void of royalty payments, the new 300 BLK has its beginnings in the Special Missions Units of our military. Its primary purpose was to replace the 9mm HK MP5SD (suppressed) sub-machine gun. 

The few MP5SDs in military inventory are decades old and are being removed from service. It has served well and fits several mission requirements — especially those where range is limited and silence critical. A replacement was required, so why not use the M4, which is standard throughout the services? Using a 6-to 9-inch barrel on standard M4 receivers, bolts and magazines using the 300 BLK meant a simple barrel change. 

Built to be fired with a suppressor, it is essentially a sub-gun using a modified rifle cartridge on an actual M4. Properly tuned, it performs this job incredibly well — much better than the weapon it replaced. Bullets in the 200- to 240-grain range fired at about 1050 fps are very effective close-range weapons. These guns work well suppressed with short barrels, exponentially better than similar 5.56mm weapons. 

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